There are many ways that Capuano Coffee can help your coffee business move forward!  

Here’s a small selection of what Capuano Coffee may offer you: 

  • Help set up a new roasting business
  • Improve your roast profiles
  • Improve the efficiency, organization and safety of your coffee production. 
  • Organise training sessions for your staff, your customers or both
  • Source your green coffees
  • Create blends
  • Create your coffee menu
  • Choosing / printing the packaging for your coffees
  • Improve the consistency in your roasting and tasting
  • Develop new products
  • Guide you in the preparation for your SCA certification exams or preparing for the MOF title.
  • Host lectures or workshops about coffee, tasting, personal coffee experiences or other subjects.
  • Solve other (coffee related) issues that you might run into; providing consulting tailored to your needs

Book a first session or contact us to see what Capuano Coffee can do for you!