About Capuano Coffee

Capuano Coffee was founded by Daniela Capuano.

Daniela has a rich history in the field of coffee. Growing up between the coffee trees at her grandparents farm, it might come as little surprise that coffee would get to play a major role in her life. A few years after having started her career as a barista in her home town of Belo Horizonte, Daniela went on to participate in her first barista championships. With success: by winning state championship she got to participate in the national finals.


In 2012, with already 7 years of professional coffee experience, Daniela moved to France, as Paris promised to become a booming specialty coffee hot spot. After an initial period as barista and trainer at La Caféothèque, Daniela took on a position at the renowned roastery L’arbre à Café. Here she became head roaster, taking on the responsibility for the production of the brand’s coffees. During her period at L’arbre à Café Daniela passed her Q grader diploma.


In 2017, a new chapter was added when Daniela moved to Strasbourg to work at Cafés Reck, allowing her to extend her expertise to yet another brand and size of roasting machines. Working at Cafés Reck also allowed Daniela to visit several other coffee producing countries, to add to the rich experiences she already picked up in her home country.

A year later, she won the title of “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) “, an important title in France valorising the artisanal workmanship, issued by the french Ministry of National Education. Click here to read more about MOF.  

Early 2021, the time had come for Daniela to launch her own business Capuano Coffee, a consulting company that is there to help other (future) coffee professionals improve.